In 1852, the Bois de Boulogne is given up by Napoleon III to the city of Paris and the big works of its refitting begins the year after, supervised by the Baron Haussmann. 

Within the heart of this ambitious project, the Lake Inferior is created with the setting-up of two islands connected by a bridge. 


Since this time, it is always by boat that we reach in this site. The kiosk of the Emperor was the first building created in 1857 by the architect Gabriel Davioud at the forefront of the island.



As for our Chalet, it is to heighten wishes of Empress Eugénie, fallen under the spell of a real Chalet builded by the architect Seiler near from Bern, in Switzerland, which the emperor made unsettled, transported by train and raised as before this building on the big island by the lake.


Very fashionable under the Second Empire, the Chalet des Iles becomes at the beginning of the 20th century a literary café very appreciated by «Le Tout Paris » of the Belle Epoque with among others as illustrious customers Proust and Zola. 



Over the years, it was restored and reorganized several times to preserve its exceptional attraction.

In 2013, works of embellishment were realized to offer spaces of reception modernized by preserving the initial charm of the place. 

The island situation and the protected environment with the flora and fauna also participates to make a unique haven of peace where we can just walk or take a snatch, work and receive in a friendly and peaceful way.