Totally flexible receptions:  

These new spaces were studied with a resolutely contemporary expression allying elegance, comfort and modernity.

This new uncluttered building bottom in the vegetation and opens on wide terraces in teak. It is dressed in mobile wooden shutters which allow to play with the light of the various hours of the day.

Two materials dominate, the natural wood and the glass. 

Surrounded with greenery, 4 spaces can be exploited separately or totally on request.


The detached House Lake: capacity from 20 to 100 persons


Uncluttered building constituted by plate glass windows, dressed in mobile wooden shutters which open on a wide terrace in teak giving onto the lake and the gardens. 


The Central Patio and its large terrace: capacity from 20 to 100 persons



The Detached House Lake and the Patio can be associated to create a unique space which can welcome up to 400 persons with the big back terrace garden, which can be equipped with a complementary structure to increase the reception capacity according to needs. 


The Salon Eugénie

This mansard-roofed lounge situated on the second floor above the restaurant, can welcome 10 to 15 people for meetings, breakfasts, lunches and dinners around a large table. It is a confidential and comfortable space dedicated to small meetings.


The restaurant with its balcony in front of lake

can be also privatized and welcome up to 110 guests. 


Finally, the totality of the spaces of the Chalet des Iles can be privatized according to availability.

A creative and adapted catering

For the receptions, the Chef advises and conceives with creativity the menus, following the seasons, and he proposes a custom-made Menu, dedicated to your event, according to your wishes.


Every professional or private event is taken care of by a team of thoughtful, fast and effective professional butlers.