To walk in the woody paths of the island, it is to discover a unique protected site in Paris. The island situation allowed to protect the flora and fauna: numerous trees are there present, Pines, Cypress, Birches, Lime trees, Oaks live with the flowerbeds of grasses, long-lived and other variety of flowers. 

Birds found refuge in the Island too, the blue Peacocks, the finches, the tits, the ducks and the moorhens. 

The island is accessible for a simple walk with a passage by boat 2€ round trip.



The Chalet des Iles suggests renting attractive rowing boats moored to the north extremity of the Lake Inferior. 

For information: 06 95 14 00 01

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Since the Second Empire, we take always so much pleasure there. Reserved under Napoleon III for the social elite, the boating in the Bois de Boulogne is the privilege of the walker today. 

In the middle of this artificial lake of eleven hectares it is carps, gudgeons, perches and pikes that accompany you far from the excitement of the city.

You can make the tour of the main island, but do not hold you too much because it takes approximately one hour for the amateur rowers.




The Chalet of islands is on your road, take advantage of it to make a stop, it is the only place where you can dock. 



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Informal work or leisure meetings during the day and in the evening for the afterwork apéritif.